Jonathan Edgington

Jonathan's Plays

Details of Jonathan's (1) Published Plays (2) Published Plays for Schools & Youth Theatres (3) Published Sketches and (4) Other Plays can be found HERE (Dates in brackets after titles show when plays were written)

About Jonathan Edgington

Jonathan had his first play performed shortly after completing a two year playwriting course at Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre, under the tutelage of John Burgess (the National Theatre’s former Head of New Writing). Since then he’s written 37 more plays, monologues and sketches that have been performed all over the UK (including on the London Fringe) and in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Hungary, Morocco, Switzerland, the USA and various other countries.

Published & Other Plays has details of all Jonathan's work and links to his published plays.