Jonathan Edgington

Jonathan's Plays

Details of all Jonathan's plays including (1) Published Plays (2) Other Plays (3) Published Plays for Schools & Youth Theatres and (4) Published Sketches can be found here HERE

About Jonathan Edgington


Jonathan has written twenty nine plays (+ some monologues and sketches) that have been performed all over the world including far-flung places like Japan, Canada and Nigeria.

2016 saw productions of ten of Jonathan's plays including ITV at the Pensive Federation's Significant Other Festival - Plus One at the Tristan Bates Theatre, London on 29 Feb-5 March 2016; Robin Hood premiered by the Chesil Theatre Company as an open-air production in the gardens of Wolvesey Palace, Winchester on 12-16 July 2016; Laura at the Chesil Theatre's 10x10 David Bowie themed New Writing Festival in Winchester on 8-9 October 2016 and Legion at the Pensive Federation's Collective Project at the Tristan Bates Theatre on 13-17 December 2016.

2017 has so far seen seven productions scheduled for five of Jonathan's plays in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland and Slovenia. 

Published & Other Plays provides details of all Jonathan's plays and how to obtain licences to perform the published ones.

He began writing after undertaking a two year playwriting course at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton under the tutelage of well known director and former Head of New Writing at the National Theatre John Burgess.