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Details of all Jonathan's (1) Published Plays (2) Published Plays for Schools & Youth Theatres (3) Other Plays and (4) Published Sketches can be found here HERE

About Jonathan Edgington


Jonathan has written twenty nine plays (+ some monologues and sketches) that have been performed all over the world including far-flung places like Japan, Canada and Nigeria.

2016 saw productions of ten of Jonathan's plays including ITV at the Pensive Federation's Significant Other Festival - Plus One at the Tristan Bates Theatre, London on 29 Feb-5 March 2016; Robin Hood premiered by the Chesil Theatre Company as an open-air production in the gardens of Wolvesey Palace, Winchester on 12-16 July 2016; Laura at the Chesil Theatre's 10x10 David Bowie themed New Writing Festival in Winchester on 8-9 October 2016 and Legion at the Pensive Federation's Collective Project at the Tristan Bates Theatre on 13-17 December 2016.

So far in 2017 fifteen productions of eleven of Jonathan's plays have taken place (or have been scheduled to take place) in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia and Cambodia. 

Published & Other Plays provides details of all Jonathan's plays and how to obtain licences to perform the published ones.

He began writing after undertaking a two year playwriting course at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton under the tutelage of well known director and former Head of New Writing at the National Theatre John Burgess.